Max Fame Group's first UK factory located in Manchester has officially opened on 16th, August

2023-08-16 09:00

Max Fame Group opened the doors to its first UK base in Carrington, Trafford, Greater Manchester on 16th August, 2023.

Max Fame Group was founded in 1978, specializes in modern manufacturing of sustainable packaging in sectors including spirits, chocolates, cosmetics, jewelry, watches and electronics…, with five factories across China, Vietnam and Thailand. In order to expand our production capacity and reduce the carbon footprint, Max Fame have set up three plants in Manchester as production base, including food grade workshop, printing & secondary processing workshop and warehouse that will provide premium rigid boxes, folding cartons and labels for UK and European markets. We believe that our rich production experience and continuous innovation, would offer the local customers with more variety services.


UK base 1.jpgUK base 2.jpg

UK base 3.jpgUK Workshop 1.jpg