Max Fame Group purchased three plants and established "Max Fame Industrial Park" in January 2024

2024-01-31 15:00

Our UK base has purchased three plants in Carrington Manchester in January 2024, which will be used as food-grade BRC assembly workshop, printing & secondary processing workshop and warehouse, covering 12,000 square meters and granted with the new title "Max Fame Industrial Park".

Max Fame is adapting the latest marketing request - near-shore manufacturing ability or timeline allowance by upgrading & newly purchasing the fundamental machines. What is more, we are also apply for more and more intelligent production equipment to minimize the hand-assembling such as robot arms, visual positioning machines etc. for the packaging with complicated structure. And full automation for the common flat pack rigid boxes, lid & base boxes and top load boxes etc., which will help us to achieve the 1st stage goal – full automation manufacturing in UK workshops in August 2024. And we are working on the 2nd stage goal – minimizing the hand-assembling to realize certain hand-made boxes to be produced in UK site by application of intelligent equipment, balance out the cost saving & near-shore sourcing, service our customers more options on sourcing solutions within 2024!

UK base 1.jpgUK base 2.jpgUK base 3.jpg