About Us

As a modern manufacturing enterprise, we have to always keep pace with the times.
After more than 40 years of continuous learning and digging deep into the international luxury packaging industry,
Max Fame Group has accumulated rich experience and gained long-term trust from our partners.

1. Environment protection: We're concerned about global climate change, and controlling CO2 emissions.

2. Plastic reduction: We're committed to the development and application of sustainable materials. 3. Certification: BRCGS , FSC, SEDEX, ISO14064, ISO9001, ISO14001, GMI, G7. 4. Standards: We adhere to strictly documented standards in production, quality and testing.

5. Education: "Education prior to production,"we implement comprehensive management and technical training. 6. Capability: We have comprehensive and modern equipment, all processes are completed in our factory. 7. Traceability: "one click" ERP traceability system allows product tracking from the receipt of raw materials to its delivery. 8. Service: We provide global production, delivery and service to our customers.

Three Generations of Administration and Sustainable Management
Established in 1978, Max Fame has been operating for more than 40 years, through three generations.
Caring for Family
Summer day care provided for our employees' children

Event: 2023 summer day care are open now from 10th, July to 10th, August. All kids of our staff

over 4 and under 10 are welcome to join this center for adventure,   exploring and fun.

Over 55 kids have signed up, numerous kids are setting off from their hometown now.