10 Learning Centers

Our Engineering Department consists of ten learning centers and more than 100 professional Industrial, Structural, and Process Engineers.

They are involved in all stages of the process including R&D, sampling, preproduction planning, and mass production.

01- Education Center

We employ a continuous training program ensuring that all staff are qualified to make client’s expected products.

02- R&D Center

We are available anytime for help with anything related to sustainable materials, secondary processing technology and structural solutions.

03-Engineering Center
04-File Processing Center

Servers daily back up all files to ensure data safety; Compatible with various formats of artwork by using state-of-the-art software; GMI, G7 certified Epson jet printer to provide digital print samples.

05-CTP Center

All printing plates are made in house.

06-Sampling Center

Efficiency and privacy of our customers is of prime importance, so all sampling work will be conducted by highly skilled engineers who will ensure every attention to detail is given to provide total satisfaction to the customer for approval.

07-Digital Center

Samples with 4 color/Pantone color/White Ink printing along with Spot UV, Emboss, Foiling can be achieved on materials like Artpaper, Kraftpaper, Metpol, PET, etc within hours rather than a couple of days.

08-Testing Center
09-Resource Center
10-CCTV Center